Gait analysis is a diagnosis to evaluate an individual’s gait and posture. Diagnostic tools used for the examination include podobaroscope, podograph, treadmill with sensors.


The podobaroscope is a tool that is used to measure the pressure distribution on the soles of the feet. This information can be used to identify areas of the foot that are under excessive stress, which can lead to pain and injury.

Podobaroscope Abu Dhabi


The podograph is a device that is used to make a detailed, two-dimensional image of the foot. This information can be used to identify structural abnormalities or deformities that may be contributing to poor posture or gait. Foot print is used to create the map of the future insoles (Classic & ThermoWelding).

Podograph Abu Dhabi

Feet Print 5.0

This mold can be used to create custom-fit orthotics that can help to correct any structural abnormalities or deformities that are identified by the podobaroscope and podograph.

Thermoforming Abu Dhabi


A treadmill used to measure the movement of the feet and legs during walking or running. Sensor and camera can be used to capture detailed images and video of the movement, which can be analyzed to identify any gait-related issues.

treadmill with sensor Abu Dhabi

Detailed analysis of walking and running

treadmill graphs
treadmill running sensor

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