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The service provided before, during and after my ACL operation were of the highest standard. I have recommended Harley Street to all my family & friends. And a special thanks to Dr. Amjad for his help throughout the whole process.

Laith A.

Thank you all for the specialized care and professionalism you have shown during the course of my treatment at your center. Special thanks to miss Shreya for the physical therapy on my hip. The exercises were great and helped to reduce my pain. She is simply a fabulous physical therapist. Thank you all once more.



From start to finish Dr. Amjad has been very thorough, explained everything in detail and provided assistance and support throughout. While still in treatment, I am very appreciative of the work of Dr. Amjad and his team.

D. V.


From start to finish, I have received excellent care and attention from EVERY member of staff at Harley Street. Friendly and lovely receptionists greet you at every visit, Professional Doctors providing excellent care. I couldn't be more pleased to have been a patient here. Thank You so Much. Best wishes to you all.

A. B.


I had carpal tunnel released for my right hand. I feel better than before. No more numbness and the operation was successful. DR. Amjad is a good doctor, very professional.

Mrs. C.V.


Professionalism, Courtesy and efficiency. consulted Dr Amjad. Being called exactly on time. Diagnosed and fully explained the issue as well as immediate ecography. Would highly recommend, very happy with my choice. Well done.



I just want to thank the physiotherapy department specially Mr. Rathish for the effective therapy he gave me. Just this March, I had a severe neck pain. For two months I was in misery due to constant pain. Even simple household chores were hard for me to do. My left arm was so sore with my thumb that was so numb. I was on and off from work because I cant even move my neck sideways nor lift up my chin. I was moving like a robot, literally.

I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Amjad. He was a great doctor and his treatment also helped me. He referred me to Mr. Rathish. After 3 sessions with him, there was a huge improvement! The pain was lessened and I’ve started doing my usual activities. He taught me the different exercises that I need to do at home. I do them diligently because I want to heal continuosly. I want to thank him for being so patient during the times I was in so much pain. He also imparted me a lot of informations about my illness and how to get well. One thing I will never forget is his encouragement. He was very positive that I will get better and I believed him. Now I’m so happy and satisfied. I’m functioning well but still I’m doing the exercises to keep my muscles healthy.



I was referred to DR. Amjad by a friend who had recently had treatment with him. Her results were very good and I thought I would book an appointment.

Dr. Amjad diagnosed my ailment straight away. He referred me to have Bone Density Scan and then prescribed a course of treatment within 24 hours. I was pain free and with additional physio treatment I have found a marked improvement with my back and the physio is now strengthening my core muscles.

Thank you Dr. Amjad, you’re amazing!



I have received excellent treatment and advice from Dr. Amjad regarding knee arthritis. The injections have improved my mobility and enabled me to become more active.



I’ve undergone carpal tunnel release surgery, I was grateful for the diligent care and attention I received from doctor Amjad. I had a smooth recovery. He is my husband’s knee doctor also and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Amjad to anyone. He is fine and would answer questions politely.



Dr. Amjad is professional and meticulous in his approach. I appreciate that he took the time to ensure that the procedure went perfectly . The Harley Street Team made me feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire process.



Dr. Amjad was very helpful and takes the time to explain and listen to me as a patient.



How grateful I was to have found Dr. Amjad when I had a terrible lower back crisis. I appreciated his expertise and treatment and his patience in educating me in lower back anatomy! I am hoping to avoid such back problems in the future but if it recurs, it is good to know there is an amazing.



I experienced immediate relief for my acute knee pain right from the very first visit with Dr. Amjad. Both he and his nursing assistants provided me with professional, knowledgeable care throughout the cause of my treatment.


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